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Story telling


Story telling is a 1st level English Studio for children attending primary school (7-8 year-olds) that involves the use of the “Story telling” technique which consists of telling stories as an educational trial’s starting point.


Why do we choose stories as a means to teach a foreign language?


Pedagogical reasons for which stories should be employed during foreign language classes are numerous. Among the main we can mention:


-Stories are fun, for this reason they help build a positive attitude towards a second language.


-From a linguistic point of view, the presence of a wide range of vocabulary, the repetitiveness of the text with sentences that gradually enrich the story with new terms and the combination between narrative and dialogue make the stories’ language particularly suitable to teach a second language.


-The story-telling is associated with multidisciplinary activities (drawing, games, drama etc.) aimed at strengthen the lexicon and grammatical structures contained in the text.


-Telling a story constitute a shared social experience that in turn contributes to the children’s emotional and empathetic growth.


-the narrative provides opportunities to give cultural information about the country in which the language is spoken and therefore, it is also useful to deepen the historic and literary context.