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Exclusively Native Speakers

All of our teachers are fluent in English and native speakers. They are highly qualified and trained to teach in an online environment to give their students the best possible learning experience. With passion and experience, our teachers will ensure a challenging, effective, yet fun way of learning for each student.


Transparent Teacher Evaluation

We make a great effort to ensure the quality of our service. Through stringent hiring criteria we make sure that the required technical and teaching qualifications are met. Furthermore, we constantly maintain the high teacher quality by evaluating feedbacks and ratings from our students.

Teachers’ profiles 

Jane teacher


I am a philologist, a teacher of the English language. I graduated from the National University with an excellent Master’s degree in the English language, the faculty of linguistics. My teaching experience is 9 years and 3 years as an online teacher (students of different ages, from children to adults). I have been giving private lessons since 2007. I use communicative methods of teaching that help develop all students’ lingual skills and achieve their goals. I like giving lessons and conversational sessions, I organize classes in such a way so that everyone gets knowledge, fun and satisfaction.

I am glad to meet everyone at my classes!

Christy teacher


Good day to everyone! 
My name is Christy and my teaching career started back in 2010, when I used to be a contact person at  Taizé community. We had young people from all over the world, who were eager to take part in conversation sessions and yet I saw them experiencing some troubles because of the language barrier. Being a native speaker I was able to predict from the context what they were trying to say and to help them out with the words. So, when being back home I posted an advert and got my first students. 
In 2012 I made up my mind to turn an engaging hobby into a profession and focused on teaching completely.  
I’ve been giving online lessons since 2015 and had hundreds of students so far. Nowadays I use mainly communicative method, which means I involve students into conversation and so provide studying in the most natural way. I love to enliven learning process with authentic materials, such as articles, podcasts and films. 
Besides teaching I’m fond of cycling, rollerblading and traveling. 
Looking forward to see you in the class

Richard teacger


Hello, my name is Richard McNeil, I was born in Dublin (Ireland) in 1977 where I currently live. I am a TEFL teacher (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and have a ten-year teaching experience. I also studied at Conservatory and graduated in music. My musical instrument is the guitar. I like reading and keeping my English up-to-date and have planned to attend several courses in the next months/years. My personal goal is to help student achieve what they want with their English and I take into consideration their needs so as to create a customised path that suits both their needs and the Academy’s syllabus. I am an open-minded person with whom is easy to start a conversation about everything and find it easy speaking to people of all age groups. Since I know what students’ problems are when it comes to learning a foreign language such as English I feel competent and ready to do all within my power to guide them during this process that can be thrilling and offer plenty of opportunities to the ones who decide to start it.

Elena teacher


My name is Elena, I am Italian, I am 25 and I teach English and French. I am a lively, outgoing, cheerful and responsible girl. I do love languages and teaching, as well as animals and sports. I will do my best to transmit the passion for my job and for languages to you all: are you ready?

I've been teaching for three years now, either in schools (from elementary to high school, where I currently teach) and privately for repetitions and one-to-one courses. Should I give a definition to my teaching approach, I would say it is a multitasking approach: going from grammar, to lexis, to developing oral and written skills. That sounds a little boring, doesn't it? No worries! You will never get bored with me: creativity is at the basis of my job! We will be learning English together, having a good time!